Para que descubras Perú de acuerdo a tus gustos y deseos, ¡esa es nuestra promesa! Nuestros equipos están familiarizados con el campo y saben cómo adaptar un programa para todo tipo de viajeros.
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+51 986857505

About Us


With a continuous effort, in the improvement of our services, it has a human, professional and expert team in the quality of customer service. Specialists in walks and dedicated to satisfying the most demanding expectations of any traveler who decides to get in direct contact with nature, walk in the mountains, along a river or in the middle of a forest, living an adventure.

Puku Puku Travel is an agency specialized in trekking in Peru. The result of the union of Peruvian tourism professionals (founders), has a reactive team and an important network of reliable collaborators, spread throughout Cusco.


General Manager.
28 years old.
Encouraged by the spirit of knowing your country deeply wishes to share this adventure with the whole world.
Peruvian, from Cusco. Degree in administration and tourism. After having worked 5 years as chief of operations and tourist services in Cusco.
Founded in 2013 “Pukupuku Travel” with the purpose to share his passion for his country. As a specialist in the organization of trekking in Peru.


30 years old, Peruvian
Passionate about Peru and its wonders, he is responsible for the sales and quotation of the circuits. Graduated in tourism and hospitality, with more than 6 years’ experience in tourism, he worked as a guide/tour driver in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Find Ibeth Bocangel, deciding together to undertake an adventure “Pukupuku Travel “synonymous with love for his country.




“We are a team of tourism, cultural, experiential and adventure professionals, specialized in providing trekking services for the foreign, South American and national markets; We provide safe and high-tech outdoor equipment to meet the needs of our customers, seeking unique experiences with low impact on the environment, contributing to the economic development of the surrounding communities.”



“To be a resilient company, a leader in adventure tourism services at the national level.”




  • Security: We always act by ensuring a chain of trust, respecting the highest standards of care for our collaborators, clients and above all with the environment.
  • Honesty: We always act based on the truth, we carry out our actions with transparency, and we always favor the interest.
  • Diligence: We comply with the duties, functions and responsibilities assigned in the best possible way, with attention, promptness and efficiency in order to optimize the service.
  • Punctuality: We comply with our obligations, reservations and purchases that we have previously established in order to provide a service.
  • Resilience: We always act adapting to changes, facing adversities in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Empathy: We recognize the feelings and thoughts of others, understanding the need and care for the environment.



At PUKUPUKU TRAVEL S.R.L. We carry out adventure tourism services specialized in trekking for the foreign, South American and national markets, taking into account Quality, Environment and Safety requirements in Adventure Tourism, strictly complying with the Current Biosafety Regulations, for which the organization assumes and promotes the following commitments:

  • Comply with the client’s requirements, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction with the service, which allows us to achieve high levels of competitiveness.
  •  Comply with current legislation and regulations applicable to the organization in matters of Quality, Environment and Safety in Adventure Tourism.
  • Plan and develop all its activities and services under the preventive principle and care for the environment, Safety in Adventure Tourism in order to avoid incidents or minimize significant impacts and risks.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, providing an adequate management of waste generated in the development of its activities and processes.
  • Guarantee that workers and their representatives are consulted and actively participate in all elements of the Integrated Management System.
  • Provide adequate training, awareness and competence in PUKUPUKU employees in order to promote and motivate awareness and care for Occupational Safety and Health in Adventure Tourism, the Environment and Service Quality.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the communities located in the areas of intervention of the company.
  • Continuously improve our processes, products and services to ensure compliance with customer and stakeholder requirements.

This Integrated Management System policy serves as a framework for establishing and reviewing the objectives of the SIG.

Cuzco, January 4, 2021



Planning, marketing and operation of adventure tourism services specialized in the trekking modality such as trekking, hiking and soft-trekking in the Cusco region.

Our Administrative Offices are located at Av. Collasuyo 896, Cuzco.


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