Para que descubras Perú de acuerdo a tus gustos y deseos, ¡esa es nuestra promesa! Nuestros equipos están familiarizados con el campo y saben cómo adaptar un programa para todo tipo de viajeros.
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Today our main concern is our collaborators, our field team, who, thanks to them, successfully carry out our excursions. They are these wonderful people who are with us on our path. Today they are the most touched by the pandemic. And from the agency Pukupuku Travel, we want to share this video that carries a message of solidarity for all of you.

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Good day friends, we are a group of independent professional tourism workers who also work with Pukupuku Travel, in the city of Cusco Peru where you will find one of the wonders of the world, the majestic Machupicchu.

It was in the month of March that begins the tourist season in Peru, that COVID19 arrived as if it were an apocalyptic movie, just as we prepared to go out to work full of desires and illusions, hoping to share moments and adventures with all our visitors and walkers.

In Peru we are living more than 70 days of confinement because of the Covid-19. This pandemic brings us good and bad things.  It brought us social crisis and unemployment, but it also teaches us to be better people every day, being in solidarity with those who need it most, helping each other from our homes, neighborhoods and cities.

Today some governments do not do much to support to keep alive, the beautiful activity of tourism, it is already more than 4 months that all workers in the tourism sector are affected and badly hit economically, unfortunately without help. And according to the world forecast, tourism will take the longest to recover in Peru.

Despite this, and from our homes, we are working hard, in search of offering to all visitors of the world, a destination with the best security, quality and above all our affection in what we know best to do, giving them unique experiences that fill them with joy. That is why we are preparing with virtual talks, forums and from the agency preparing all the biosecurity protocols.

But now we are out of work, and together with Pukupuku Travel we the tour guides, the cooks, the porters and also the drivers who worked in this activity, we make a call to your good heart. For this we want to count on all of you to be able to keep alive the tourism of Peru so that we can recharge all the energy and move on. We thank you for your support in the different ways that you can send us: encouraging messages, motivating letters, cheerful videos and/or financial help.

We hope that all this crisis will not touch your homes, that all that we are experiencing today as a result of this painful illness, will not be a reason to extinguish your dreams of traveling and knowing new and beautiful places around the world. Be prudent in this time and be assured that we shall soon meet again.