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tourcert pukupuku travelOUR COMMITMENT: “YOUR SAFETY AND YOURS”

We keep working for your arrival




We take care of everything, to take care of you.

Growing with tourism in a responsible way

At Pukupuku Travel we continue to work on a series of hygiene, biosecurity and health actions for all our circuits and on our commitments to take care of the customer, the collaborator, the supplier and, in addition, the environment.

We have been operating with high national and international standards for more than 6 years, and now we are strengthening our procedures and protocols in the face of COVID19. This new form of collective care is present in all the activities, spaces and protocols of our tourist activity, achieving a more personalized experience and consolidating our slogan with responsible and sustainable tourism.

And we do it in a unique way, relying on the advice of UPCONTROL and the Medical Network O2 clinic, which, in cooperation with our Occupational Safety Department, bring its experience and expertise to address the new health biosecurity challenges of tourism. Following your recommendations and those of the authorities of the public health sector, we will develop measures aimed at taking care of our collaborators and suppliers guaranteeing the experience to our travelers, implementing new procedures prior to first physical contact. Obtaining the COVIDCONTROL seal will ensure proper management in our tourism management.

The goal is to make our travelers safer than ever, leaving aside worries and experiencing freedom in the magical places of always.

For them we have reinforced five main engines in the attention to our travelers:


1. Safe and secure environment:

We turn our destinations into real oasis of security, taking care of every detail so that you only have to enjoy:

  • Certificates: COVIDCONTROL, certification in process management in times COVID19, that evaluates the
    processes that we carry out to provide a biosafety and sustainable environment. Tourcert German certification that evaluates the social, environmental and economic results of the agents of the tourism. local CALTUR certifications: Recognition, application of good practices for tourism service providers, quality and sustainable commitment. CALTUR TREKKING: Recognition of the application of good practices in tourism management in the trekking modality.
  • Strict compliance with WHO recommendations and local sectoral standards.
  • Sanitary controls to suppliers and collaborators as a measure in the management COVID19
  • Centralized 24/7 medical service with ambulance available and security/isolation rooms enabled in the safest and most experienced clinic in the city. Medical Network O2
  • Control of all goods and products, used in the tourist operation, favouring local and sustainable provenance.
  • Food of known, local and sustainable origin, with the security of controlled traceability.
  • Specialized personnel, trained and equipped with hygiene and protection measures.


2. Standards of higiene

lampara de ozono

We reinforce and demonstrate our preparation in terms of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection, keeping spaces free

of worries.

  • Expert advice to adapt our protocols to the new
  • situation, increasing the frequency of disinfection of all spaces and establishing an active cleaning process.
  • New cleaning measures and protocols with certified products of sustainable origin.
  • Most frequent disinfection of our equipment and vehicles.
  • We reinvent the food: (Box Lunch, barbecues) for the safety of our customers: single touch, suppliers with high quality standards in deep hygiene of meals certified by public health authorities, with compostable or reusable packaging. Delicious meals served taking advantage of outdoor areas and creating new outdoor dining experiences.
  • Cleaning equipment (EPP from certified suppliers) and best equipment for employees and customers.
  • Clean and disinfected tents for each new traveler, with specific cleaning protocol only when the traveler is not inside.
  • UV and ozone lamps: to ensure disinfection after cleaning of equipment.


3. Social área

waqrapukara espacio social

We promote the use of open and outdoor spaces, understanding it as a security measure, but also as a real luxury

that we will enjoy during our experience.

• We open up even more to the outside to favor space. Little used natural spaces, will be our allies, to bring us closer to nature.

• We reduce our groups (super personalized service) families, friends and small groups with capacity limit from 6 to 8 people.

• More space and time during the walk to relax and contemplate nature in complete safety.

• Entertainment. Outdoor experiences, activities and music.


4. The innovative experience

We promote innovation in the service of information and communication, to be as close as ever without the need for contact.

  • Digital and online briefing: more secure and recommended, but also more agile and comfortable.
  • We reinforce our paperless philosophy: the use of virtual maps.

experiencia innovadora

5. We are flexible

Because we are aware that the COVID19 pandemic has seriously disrupted the organization of our trips so we reinvent ourselves and offer different options that can be totally modulated taking into account the state of your reservation, for today and forever.

  • Online payment, secure, efficient and fast.
  • Cancellations, more felxibles and when necessary.flexible

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We respect and adapt to the sectoral protocols, determined by the Peruvian government, in order to ensure a tourism operation, safe and quality.


Ministerial Resolution N° 112-2020-MINCETUR







Ministerial Resolution N° 113-2020-MINCETUR







Ministerial Resolution N° 141-2020-MINCETUR